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Bringing your components to life with react-spring

A brief introduction to the physics-based animation library, react-spring. We saw how extremely complex animations are made easy and intuitive with this library. Since time was short we weren't able to cover everything I hoped to but I believe we managed to grasp the essentials.

This day marked my first ever public talk! The first practice runs didn't go so well but, fortunately, the actual talk went pretty great. Most likely due to the support of both friends and colleagues. Seeing those familiar faces in the audience certainly has a calming effect on you.

Being an animation library there was a clear opportunity to really show it off by using it somehow on the presentation. So I embedded it on the slide deck and displayed running animations respective the current primitive being discussed at the time. I spent way too much time setting this all up but it really did pay off in the end.

It was also Farfetch's first go at organizing a meetup tailored to frontend development. Everyone involved was incredibly devoted to make this event the best it could be and it definitely showed. I can't thank them enough for letting me be a part in this.

In retrospect, a successful day for everyone.